An increase in water bill charges may be a subtle indicator of a plumbing problem. A more blatant sign of a plumbing leak is flooding in yard or house. In the home, leaks are more noticeable. You may see water stains on ceilings or notice a wet carpet or floor. There could be pooling water in the basement or in other areas. However, when the flooding occurs outside, it may not be as easy to detect your plumbing leak. Sooner or later, a professional will have to deal with it.

A water pipe leak can occur underground or under a patio, making it difficult to detect at first. If the leak is in your main water line, it can seep into the ground and be invisible due to reabsorption. When the leak is continuous, it will eventually surface. You may notice wet or soggy areas in your lawn or the erosion of dirt, causing a sinkhole in your yard.

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