One reason that basement flooding occurs is sump pump problems or failure. Homes with basements have a sump, a pit that collects water to keep it away from walls and the foundation. To keep the sump from overflowing and ending up with water in basement areas, a sump pump is needed. This device pumps water up and out of the sump when it reaches a certain level, removing it away from the home.

Sumps pumps are set-up to run automatically. Most are designed to use a float device that triggers the submersible pump to turn on when the water reaches a designated level. Many different issues can occur that cause the sump pump not to function as needed. It may be clogged, need service, lose power or could need replacement. Float switches can fail or you may need a new pump installed. If it is not working and water is leaking into your basement, our plumbers at Windsor Plumbing can troubleshoot the issue and complete the needed sump pump service.